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Introducing the Spectacula "Chakra Mix Stone Heart Shape Leather Wrap" Three Strands Bracelet – The Ultimate Boho Chic Accessory for Balancing Your Chakras!


Style meets spirituality with our Spectacular "Chakra Mix Stone Heart Shape" Leather Wrap Three Strands Bracelet. This beautiful Boho-inspired beaded leather wrap multi-layered chakra bracelet is designed with semi-precious stones, each representing one of the seven chakras. Achieve harmony between your mind, body, and spirit as you proudly wear this stunning piece, bringing balance to your energy centres.


Infused with the Bohemian style, the zinc alloy metal features a tension setting, providing versatility and durability. The cute and romantic heart-shaped chakra stones are secured with an easy-hook clasp for quick wear and removal, making it an ideal friendship bracelet.


Our Spectacular "Chakra Mix Stone Heart Shape" Leather Wrap Three Strands Bracelet is perfect for anyone who combines style with spiritual connection. Illuminate your wardrobe with this unique piece, and let others feel the positive energy radiating from your balanced chakras. Experience the difference of a chakra-balanced life with this fashionable and artistic bracelet.

Spectacula “Chakra Mix Stone Heart Shape” Leather Wrap Three Strands Bracelet

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