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Do you want to buy some new earrings but are unsure which ones to choose? Finding the right earrings that fit your style and personality can be challenging. You want something unique and eye-catching but don't want to spend a fortune.


Our Lush "Honey Bee" Stud Earrings are just what you've been looking for; these beautiful earrings are made with sterling silver, making them both stylish and affordable.


These stud earrings are the perfect way to show your love of bees! Whether you're an avid gardener or enjoy their playful buzzing, these earrings are a fun and unique way to show appreciation for these hardworking insects. So why not add Whimsy to your jewellery collection with these bee stud earrings?


Sterling silver is a type of silver that contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy. The alloy is usually copper but can also be zinc or platinum. Sterling silver is the most popular type for jewellery and flatware because it's strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear.


It's also easy to care for - use a soft cloth to polish it regularly, and you'll keep it looking new. The 7.5% alloy also gives sterling silver a beautiful lustre that enhances its natural brilliance.


If you're looking for a timeless metal perfect for everyday wear, sterling silver is the way to go. With their lush design and elegant appeal, these earrings will make an excellent gift for yourself or someone special. So don't hesitate - treat yourself to these beautiful earrings today!

Lush "Honey Bee" 18K Gold Sterling Silver Stud Earrings