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Are you trying to find a new pair of earrings but don't know which style to choose? It can be hard to decide on the perfect pair of earrings. Do you want something flashy or subtle? Something classic or trendy? These Splendid "Bee Kiss From A Rose" Stud Earrings are ideal for anyone who wants a stylish and versatile pair of earrings.


These earrings come in white or pink and are crafted with Sterling Silver or Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Splendid 3D Bumble bee to choose from, So you can find the perfect pair as a gift for that particular person in your life. Or if you want to buy a new piece of jewellery that perfectly encapsulates the sentiment you are trying to convey.


Giving a special someone a unique pair of bee earrings can be the perfect way to show gratitude and admiration for them. Each bee symbolizes a hardworking individual whose dedication and effort should be acknowledged and celebrated. These small yet meaningful jewellery pieces will remind your loved ones that you are by their side despite their life challenges. These earrings can provide the person who has received these beautiful earrings physical comfort and a sense of security. They enable the wearer to tap into their inner strength whenever things get tough while wearing the Splendid "Bee Kiss From A Rose" Stud Earrings.


By wearing these earrings regularly, your recipient will know that someone cares for them and wants nothing more than for them to succeed in whatever path they choose. Sign up today and receive a 10% discount on your first order.




  • Availability Not Available in Stores

  • Available In: Sterling Silver 

  • Materials: Sterling Silver

  • Created: Handmade

  • Metal Stamp: 925/S925

  • Item Weight: About 3.28g

  • Item Type: Earrings: 

  • Earrings Style: Stud Earrings

  • Back Finding: Push Back

  • Earrings Shape/Pattern: Bee’s

  • Stone Colours: White, Pink

  • Gender: Unisex

  • Certificate Type: GIC

  • Certificate Number: A1705091608

  • Model Number: LFJA0046

  • Occasion: All Occasions, for instance, Gifts, Daily Wear, Evening Out, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Party, Christmas, New Year's.

Splendid "Bee Kiss From A Rose" 18k Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Cikkszám: 32663049186

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